On International Women’s day, Survival Instincts, a not-for-profit initiative of ZEiSys Technologies Private Limited conducted a safety demo and basic class workshop for working women to help protect themselves from falling victim to gender based crimes.

Did you know you could defend yourself single handedly when attacked by an assailant just by disengaging and distracting him even if the aggressor is physically larger in size and strength? Were you aware of the fact that wearing tight clothes such as jeans can deter rapists?

Over 300 working women were enlightened with these preventive measures and ways of tackling gender based crimes at the self defence workshop conducted by Survival Instincts on International Women’s Day.

Survival Instincts, a not-for-profit initiative of ZEiSys Technologies that started in May 2012 in Chennai is India’s first and only authorised provider of American Red Cross.Their mission is to help organisations and individuals respond to medical emergencies, natural calamities and disasters and gender based crimes.

They have distilled a structured module of self defence techniques that blends various martial art forms such as Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Karate, and Kalari, to give the most effective way to defend yourself in a given situation.

Anoop Madhavan, founder of Survival Instincts and certified health and safety training instructor from the American Red Cross and practitioner of mixed martial arts says, “The recent series of unfortunate incidents have brought to attention the high priority and need for safety of women especially college girls and working women. Hence we formulated simple techniques that can help protect college girls and working women who are the most vulnerable targets for gender based crimes.”

Anoop, explaining the psychology of the assailant says, “An assailant’s target is the one who is soft and distracted, so you must be always on the guard when you are travelling or even at the workplace. The way to do that is to have the right body language. One must always keep watch of the surroundings, head, shoulder, neck and chin should be upright, and always have a confident look. The bold look will give a message to the assailant not to mess with you.”

With the help of his assistant, he demonstrated the impact of striking pressure points such as the shin, temple, neck, thigh and groin of the assailant’s body. “The objective of these techniques is not to be a winner, but to injure the assailant enough to give you time to escape from the spot. However these techniques should be implemented only after a lot of practice sessions in real life instances. One should always be psychologically prepared to defend herself.” says Anoop.

Anoop signs off, ”If you sense somebody has untoward intentions or some place is eerie, the best is to avoid going there.”

Workshops for corporate women
Survival Instincts’ workshops for corporate working women are designed in four modules :
1) Safety Demo – A two hour interactive workshop that covers the essentials and awareness of preventive and safety measures of dangerous situation.
2) Basic Class – An eight hour workshop demonstrates various martial arts techniques that helps to face one criminal during non-lethal crimes (theft or mugging, robbery without physical confrontation)
3) Intermediary Workshop – A twelve hour intermediary class teaches you how to defend against lethal crimes by one attacker
4) Advanced Workshop – A sixty hour advanced class teaches individuals how to face lethal crimes against two to four assailants.

Tips to avoid a gender based crime
1) Keep your hair tied while travelling, especially when walking on the road
2) Be vigilant and avoid constantly looking at the cell phone while travelling in the auto or waiting for a bus
3) Look bold and confident
4) If you feel uncomfortable by your co-worker’s body language, politely confront him and tell him to stop it at once